The following are comments from the Protocols and Formats Working Group on the 13 September 2011 Touch Events version 1 Last Call Working Draft Authorization to send these as PFWG comments is archived at

Note that some PFWG members exempted themselves from our review of this specification because of patent concerns at their companies.

1) If a Web application can deal with touch events, it can intercept them, and the idea is that in this case no corresponding mouse events will be dispatched. However, if the Web application is not specifically written for touch input devices, it can react to the subsequent mouse events instead. This can be a powerful paradigm, but it is not fully described in this spec. The relation between touch events and mouse events should be explained in more detail for authors who want to achieve device independence.  There is a general need for a "primer" document in the W3C space explaining the various DOM events and how they relate to each other, also providing best practices of device-specific and device-independent authoring.

2) Minor editorial issues with the spec:

- Section 3.1: For each of the attributes, the unit should be mentioned (device pixels, CSS pixels, etc.)

- Section 7: The "preventDefault" method should be explained or listed in the glossary.

For Protocols and Formats Working Group,
Michael Cooper, Team Contact

Michael Cooper
Web Accessibility Specialist
World Wide Web Consortium, Web Accessibility Initiative
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