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I18N-ISSUE-16: Describe value inherit [CSS3-writing-modes]

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Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 17:55:01 +0000
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I18N-ISSUE-16: Describe value inherit [CSS3-writing-modes]


Raised by: Matitiahu Allouche
On product: CSS3-writing-modes

2.2. Embeddings and Overrides: the ‘unicode-bidi’ property

WG Approved: YES

"Because the Unicode algorithm has a limit of 61 levels of embedding, care should be taken not to use ‘unicode-bidi’ with a value other than ‘normal’ unless appropriate. In particular, a value of ‘inherit’ should be used with extreme caution." 

The value "inherit" has not been mentioned above as valid for the 
unicode-bidi property. Please add an explanation.
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