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Re: Expected behavior of background-clip property on the html element?

From: Philippe Wittenbergh <ph.wittenbergh@l-c-n.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 17:58:10 +0900
Cc: "www-style@w3.org CSS" <www-style@w3.org>
Message-Id: <FCA28377-D63D-4DE0-9E2A-5EECBD7543F1@l-c-n.com>
To: Alan Gresley <alan@css-class.com>

On Jan 12, 2011, at 5:01 PM, Alan Gresley wrote:

> Have another look.
> <http://css-class.com/test/css/backgrounds/background-clip-html-body.htm>
> This time I have changed the <body> background-color to lime. I have not declared background-color white anywhere (this background-color is the default background setting of the UA) but this is seen in Opera 11 and Safari 5. Opera 11 clips the background to the <html> content-box. IE9 I believe does it correctly, please see screenshot[1]. I would be interested in know Gecko handles this test.

Opera's behaviour doesn't make any sense... it clips the background on the root element, to the width of the border – change the width of the border and the clipping changes...
And if you give the root element a margin, then Opera doesn't apply any clipping, see my earlier testcase:
> There may be a spec but we are dealing with rendering engines that create a tree which stems from some root.
>  | If the root's ‘background-color’ value is ‘transparent’, the canvas's
>  | background color is UA dependent. The root element does not paint this
>  | background again, i.e., the used value of its background is transparent.
> The UA dependent background-color is the white (this background-color is the default background setting of the UA) that the test show. I can only assume that in Opera 11 and Safari 5 that the root element is not <html>. This beckons the questions like, is there an initial block formatting context.

You're misunderstanding something I suspect. In both Safari/Chrome and Opera the background applied to the root element is propagated to the canvas and then clipped (completely erroneously in Opera, sort-of-correctly in WebKit [*] - although it shouldn't clip at all.)
And I don't see how you conclude from that in Opera and WebKit, the root element is not <html> in those testcases.

A Gecko 2.0b nightly build ignores the background-clip property on the root element, jst as IE 9.

[*] sort-of-correctly because it works as on any div or other element... Opera doesn't clip to the content box at all in the above testcase
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