I would like to submit an idea for consideration to be included in a future version of CSS. How and where and to whom or to what working group do I submit an idea, and what format and requirements should be met?

The idea would be a useful addition to CSS and perhaps SVG, and the core concept might apply for other things within them. It would make code maintenance and usability/readability easier for designers. It's fairly simple and straightforward, and I have a rough draft currently, showing what it is, how it would function, and an example in CSS3 pseudocode. Possibly by CSS4?

The technical issues of implementing this idea seem, to me as a naive designer rather than an experienced programmer, to be merely in comparing against the given identifier list (supplied by the individual designer per project) and the predefined identifiers.

The only appropriate places I've found are to comment to this mailing list or the www-svg mailing list, or to join a new community or business group at the W3C.

Thanks in advance for replies.