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Re: Positioned Layout proposal

From: Shelby Moore <shelby@coolpage.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 14:45:24 -0400
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I just want to add a joke that has been going round lately, but actually
there is a serious point behind it.

The "we must defend accessibility by restricting what users want" reminds
me of what Steve Jobs purportedly wrote in email to a customer recently
about the interference with the iPhone 4 antenna, "Just don't hold it that

>>> Perhaps I can allocate more time thinking about this at some point,
>>> because CSS as it is now really frustrates me. The tsuris seems mostly
>>> to
>>> revolve around the fact that CSS is not designed to support the new Web
>>> applications which want to keep all their content inside the viewport
>>> and
>>> create overflowed scrolled sub-areas instead of overflowing the
>>> viewport.
>> Perhaps this is due to the fact that someone using a keyboard can not
>> easy scroll the page and the overflowed scrolled sub-areas (which are
>> really boxes with overflow:auto) and switch between them. The focus
>> either has to be on the viewport or the overflowed scrolled sub-areas
>> and this focus has to be changed to scroll either one.
>> This is an accessibility issue.
> Afaics, that is an orthogonal concern, which can be handled by the UA.
> For example, the UA may provide Page Up and Page Down keys, and may use
> the the Tab key and/or shortcut keys to move the focus around.  Also the
> UA should give some indication of focus-- afaik they do not now.
> It is really a failed assumption that all web apps need to scroll
> contiguously in the viewport. Imo, that was a design error. If you are
> really concerned about accessibility and usability, then just ponder the
> how unusable an application is if you are only looking at one tile of it
> and have to scroll the whole app around.
> Rather the web app designer can better separate concerns within the app,
> and segregate work flows into areas that can be sorted by priorities.
> The keyboard access is an orthogonal issue and UAs need to improve in that
> area.
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