A search of Arabic books in books.google.com will bring up a few good examples. Here is one for the case:

         OLLEH *
Hello          *

See the footnotes at the bottom of page 85 of this book:


In the case a list is made horizontal CSS is quite clear on this. See:


TheĀ  bullets will not be drawn and the list items will be treated by bidi as inline elements.



On 05/06/2010 19:59, Tex Texin wrote:

That was also my point. I don't see the case for the bullet switching sides within the list. So, there is either:

* hello


Hello *

However, that is too simple. The bullet image or characters might also be directional:

*) hello


Hello (*

The bullet image may need a direction setting, independent of its placement.
For checkboxes, there are checked and unchecked images.
Also, when hovering over the items, the bullet may need to look different.
And if the bullets were numeric, the digits might need to change from European to Arabic.
That is a lot of options to consider around the direction changing.

The list need not be vertical. If the list goes horizontal, things get really ugly:

*) hello *) OLLEH Hello (* OLLEH (*

For lists, I don't see the case for changing per item.

Going in to the discussion this week, it would be good if we had lots of examples (print or web) of use cases we need to support. There are lots of theoretical cases, which are impractical, and many actual cases which we might not reflect on during the discussion.

Any suggestions for online places to look for large varieties of actual, typical or desirable bidi use cases?

Any established or accepted references for RTL UI or print design guidelines?

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I think there is a need to control, through CSS, of the bullet   
separately from the text align and a new value (for want of a better 
name) 'match-dir' to give the alignment based on the dir attribute of 
the <li> element as follows:

For a list starting with <ul dir="ltr"><li>hello</li> :

1. <li dir="rtl" style="text-align:match-dir;      
bullet-align:match-dir">HELLO gives:

* hello
                  OLLEH *    
2. <li dir="rtl" style="text-align:match-dir; 
bullet-align:match-parent">HELLO gives:

* hello
*                 OLLEH    
4. <li style="text-align:match-parent; bullet-align:match-dir">HELLO  
  (with no styles) gives:
* hello

3. <li style="text-align:match-parent; 
bullet-align:match-parent">HELLO(with no styles) gives:

* hello

The default behavior of the HTML with no CSS would be one of the   
four possibilities above.
There is one point that I don't understand about the whole discussion: Is there any use case where a rendering other than 

* hello

would be desired? It is the only one that does not look broken to me.