Markus - exactly, this suggestion is driven by use cases. My original suggestion was that bullets should always line up. However there were objections based on use cases. e.g Craig Cummings previous email in the public-i18n-bidi list:

... a quick Google Books search came up with this book with a mixed RTL/LTR bibliography:
See page 224.

This had a mixed RTL/LTR bibliography as well, but the numbers were all European digits:
See page 677.

A search of Google books should come up with more examples. The four examples that I gave are the four uses-cases that I have seen.

Shachar - if you can come up with a use case for your suggestion I would be happy to agree with you :)


On 05/06/2010 18:23, Shachar Shemesh wrote:
Markus Ernst wrote:
There is one point that I don't understand about the whole discussion: Is there any use case where a rendering other than 

* hello

would be desired? It is the only one that does not look broken to me.
At the very least:
* hello
*                                                  OLLEH

Should also be possible. There are cases where anything but right alignment of RTL text just doesn't make sense.



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