Hi Tex,

Agreed, the correct place to specify the bullet alignment would be at the <ul>, <ol> level. Having written browser code, I do not see a technical reason that it should be restricted to that level and can be applied at the <li> level as it still will have a valid meaning.

Another thought - the bullet alignment can also be relevant for checkboxes and radio buttons to control which side they appear on their enclosed text. As these do not have a required parent element like <li> then this would be good reason to allow the bullet alignment to be controlled at the <li> level.

Indent , padding, and margin are already confusing from an rtl perspective :) From experience, a good rule is that "left" must always mean "left" regardless of the bidi direction otherwise code will become too confusing to read. As part of another thread -  we should discuss the definition of direction dependent indent settings to simplify this issue. e.g a with-flow indent.


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I agree that bullet alignment (or direction) is separate from the text direction.

However, I have trouble seeing that the bullet position would change from list item to list item.

Would it be adequate to have the bullet position set by the OL and UL elements, rather than the LI?

Do you have an example where bullet position might change with each item?

I can agree the text direction might change on each item.

I think the alignment of the text and the bullet position would not.

I would like to see an example of where it was required to be different.


Also, the setting of the indent , padding, margin, etc. is confusing if the relationship between the bullet and the text is changing. How do you see that working? E.g. is left-margin and right-margin switching roles?




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I think there is a need to control, through CSS, of the bullet alignment separately from the text align and a new value (for want of a better name) 'match-dir' to give the alignment based on the dir attribute of the <li> element as follows:

For a list starting with <ul dir="ltr"><li>hello</li> :

1. <li dir="rtl" style="text-align:match-dir; bullet-align:match-dir">HELLO gives:

* hello
                  OLLEH *

2. <li dir="rtl" style="text-align:match-dir; bullet-align:match-parent">HELLO gives:

* hello
*                 OLLEH

4. <li style="text-align:match-parent; bullet-align:match-dir">HELLO (with no styles) gives:

* hello
3. <li style="text-align:match-parent; bullet-align:match-parent">HELLO(with no styles) gives:
* hello

The default behavior of the HTML with no CSS would be one of the four possibilities above.