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Re: Comments on css3-multicol

From: Håkon Wium Lie <howcome@opera.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 23:07:34 +0200
Message-ID: <19160.57494.299537.503408@gargle.gargle.HOWL>
To: Giovanni Campagna <scampa.giovanni@gmail.com>
Cc: www-style@w3.org
Giovanni Campagna wrote:

 > > http://www.w3.org/TR/2009/WD-css3-multicol-20090630/

 > The following are comments to the yesterday (30/06) css3-multicol Last Call WD.

Thanks for your extensive comments. Now that the last call period has
ended, it's time to give you an answer. I agree with you on most
points you raise, and I belive the CSS WG will confirm this. For now,
the editor's draft has also been updated to reflect changes. 

 > 1) The title is still "CSS3 module: Multi-column layout"
 > Hadn't the WG decided to adopt consistent naming and in particular to
 > avoid saying CSS3?
 > If yes, it should be called "CSS Multi-column Layout Module" or "CSS
 > Multi-column Layout Module Level 3" (although I guess that Level 3 is
 > only for features that did exist in level 2)

The CSS WG agrees that the title should be changed. The two names you
list are both good candidates. Personally, I would prefer the first as
multi-column layout wasn't part of CSS2.

 > 2) About column-rule-color:
 > Why UAs are required only to support CSS2 colors?
 > If the goal is to avoid the burden of hsl / rgba / SVG colors,
 > shouldn't that be delegated to a reduced profile?

This is a general problem for several CSS modules; should they refer
to CSS 2.1 or emerging CSS3 modules? In this case, it seems best to
refer to CSS 2.1 and the draft has been edited to reflect this.

 > 3) About column breaks
 >     3.a) At the beginning of section 5, replace desrciption with description

Indeed, thanks.

 >     3.b) Is it possible to avoid a column break while still allow a page break?
 > Is the intended effect like:
 > ----------------------------------
 > | a bcd efg hij |                |
 > | lmn opq rst u |                |
 > / page break, but content remains in the same column /
 > | rst uvw xyz ab|                |
 > | cde fgh ijk l |                |
 > ----------------------------------

A page break will always cause a column break; columns on different
pages are considered to be different columns. This specification does
not provide a way to ensure that all content is in the (say) left-most

 >     3.c) What about margin and collapsing of them?
 > If you're delegating all (not just properties) to css3-page, you
 > should say that explicitly.

The last-call draft stated:

  A multi-column element establishes a new block formatting context,
  as per CSS 2.1 section 9.4.1.

Which is correct, but somewhat cryptic. Therefore one example has been
added to the editor's draft:

  A top margin set on the first child element of a mulitcol element
  will not collase with the margins of the multicol element.

Further, in the description of the "break" properties, this text now occurs:

  When a page or column break splits a box, the box's margins,
  borders, and padding have no visual effect where the split occurs.
  However, margins will be preserved after forced page/column break. A
  forced page/colum break is a break that does not occur naturally.

 > 4) About overflow inside and outside the multicolum element,
 >     4.a) you should insert some examples of non-floated, overflowing,
 > clipped element (maybe inlines with long words)

Yes. Done in the editor's draft.

 >     4.b) what happens if a non-floated element overflows vertically?
 > Is it still clipped regardless of overflow? Can implementations put
 > scrollbars, if overflow asks so?

Yes, the spec states:

  Content that extend outside column boxes at the edges of the
  multi-column element is clipped according to the 'overflow'

 >     4.c) what happens if Example XVIII has an element that floats on
 > the rigth? Is the element clipped (showing only the right part), does
 > the element intrude (ignoring the side of the float), does overflow
 > apply?

I believe there's consensus in the WG to remove intrusion before
moving to CR. There have been no implementations of intrusion, and it has been removed from the editor's draft. 

 >     4.d) if there are more columns than available, are scrollbars
 > rendered when overflow:auto / scroll?

Yes, the spec states:

  Content that extend outside column boxes at the edges of the
  multi-column element is clipped according to the 'overflow'

 > 5) Section conformance names a "column-grid-image", but no definition
 > is provided in the document.

I assume you refer to 'column-gap-image'. Indeed, this was a mistake
and it has been removed.

Let me know if you still think changes are necessary.


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