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Re: CSS3 @font-face / EOT Fonts - new compromise proposal

From: Gustavo Ferreira <gustavo.ferreira@hipertipo.net>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 17:44:50 -0200
Message-Id: <7105084C-B9F4-42C8-961F-D44862382554@hipertipo.net>
To: www-style@w3.org
Op Nov 11, 2008, om 5:25 PM heeft Tab Atkins Jr. het volgende  

> On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 12:55 PM, Gustavo Ferreira  
> <gustavo.ferreira@hipertipo.net> wrote:
> Op Nov 10, 2008, om 12:44 PM heeft Tab Atkins Jr. het volgende  
> geschreven:
>> Especially when it's been proven that high-quality type can and  
>> will be produced in a free-as-in-liberty fashion.
> i don't think this has been proven at all.
> could you please give examples to back up your claim?
> I'm very reluctant to point to any directly, simply because the  
> possible examples are so numerous and it's so easy to reject  
> particular fonts as "not high-quality enough".  Just do a search  
> for them - there's tons of free fonts out there, and many are of  
> nice quality.

please, make an effort and name some examples -- the reason i ask is  
because i can't think of none.

most 'free-as-in-liberty' fonts i know of were _not_ developed in  
'free-as-in-liberty' fashion: vera, gentium, liberation, droid, gfs  
fonts -- they were all produced by professional type-designers/ 
foundries in a 'closed' fashion, and at some point distributed under  
a free-license. that's definitely not the same thing...

- gustavo.
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