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Re: WebKit now supports CSS Variables

From: Francois Remy <fremycompany_pub@yahoo.fr>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 17:07:10 +0200
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> Surely the error is here;  bgColor has already been declared as a const 
> with a different value.  You have a syntax violation (attempt to re-define 
> a constant).  If you declare something 'const' in the context of a set of 
> pages, it's your job to make sure it is, in fact, constant.  Whether the 
> language processor enforces this, or whether you get 'undefined results' 
> is a matter for debate.

If we accept that JS can change the value of the constant, we should not 
call them "constant".
If we refuse to update a constant value after this constant is defined 
(then, it's a true constant),
we are getting a non-standard situation because a disabled/deleted 
stylesheet can still have some effect in the document.

I've found another problem, too.
The value of a constant is defined the first time this constant appear in 
the document's stylesheet (following your spec).

If we got the following situation :

    <link ... style1.css ... />
    <link ... style2.css ... />
    <link ... style3.css ... />
        document.querySelector('html head').insertBefore(<link ... 
style0.css ... />, document.querySelector("html head 

What's the stylesheet that define the value of the constant (I suppose that 
all these stylesheets define a new one) ?

The stylesheets are loaded asynchronously. So, when they are loaded, the DOM 
has already changed and style0.css is became the "first" stylesheet of the 
document. If we follow your spec, the constant's value is gift by the first 
stylesheet that define it. But then, the constant has been overwrotten by JS 
and it's not sure for the admin that it's not possible to override its 
constants. Yes, it's now a constant (style1>3 has no more effect on the 
constant value), but the value of the constant can be decided by JS.

If we want to continue to have style1.css has defining stylesheet, how can 
this be done ?
(=How can the UA know it's the first stylesheet that defined the constant)
>> The DOM doesn't reflect the "primary" position of the stylesheet (style0 
>> can be inserted before style1)
>> The load time is not a revelant information because stylesheet are loaded 
>> asynchronously. (style2 can load before style1)

Should the UA "keep" the order the stylesheet should be loaded ?  (style1, 
2, 3, then style0)
>> We must take count of @import declaration.
>> We can load stylesheet in result with DOM-events, setTimeout, 
>> setInterval, etc. too.
>> If we add @import statment in a stylesheet, how will the UA define the 
>> "priority" order of the sub-stylesheet ?

Or have you another solution ?


        PS : Some "readonly" variable can exists, but then it should be 
UA-defined consts. 
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