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RE: page-break-before:avoid on ul, ol, dl

From: Ludger Buenger <ludger.buenger@realobjects.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 11:29:44 +0200
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> Alex said:
> > Appendix D suggests there should be "page-break-before:avoid" on ul,
> ol and dl. However I vaguely
> > remember a discussion where it was pointed that it should actually be
> "page-break-INSIDE:avoid". But
> > I can't find any record of that.
> > Should it be "inside"?
> HP implements it as currently spec'd: page-break-before rather than
> page-break-inside is avoided.  The rationale is that there is usually
> some reference to the list in the preceding text, so usability is
> facilitated by keeping the beginning of the list with the introductory
> text; however, especially when a list begins relatively high on the
> printed page, a page break before the list (to avoid breaking inside
> it) would be annoying from both a readability and a resource
> utilization (paper consumed) perspective.
> Prince and Epson seem to follow the current spec as well.

As does PDFreactor.
And also other paged media engines I checked.

So quite a lot current implementations seem to go for this suggestion already.

However a general question is how much default behavior should be defined by a/the spec and how much should be left to the style sheet designer?
We already have the situation that different engines use different user agent stylesheets such that for those engines providing excessive additional style in their user agent stylesheet it is more difficult for a style sheet author to provide styles that render similar on all engines.

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