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Re[31]: css with attribues [main]

From: Dmitry Turin <sql4-en@narod.ru>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 14:53:23 +0200
Message-ID: <9914447015.20080124145323@narod.ru>
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>> DD> I don't recall seeing any examples that demonstrate
>> Needs are also produced, as goods and capital goods.
>>                                         Karl Marks.
>> i.e. buyer does not invent goods (rolls are useless),
>> buyer only react at goods, already presented on market.
DD> Before a new product is released, there is usually a long process
DD> that takes place which includes design

Agreed (if i understand 'design' right).

DD> and market research

Market research can give only wishes, which are already known for all.
No research can discover needs, which will appear tomorrow.
No research can discover reaction on principle (revolutionary,
with breaking continuity) new possibility.

First reaction is already bad.
At any product: at idea, at goods.
It's must not surprise: people uses "database" in own reactions,
but new product is not registered in this database.

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