On Feb 23, 2008, at 12:15 AM, Brad Kemper wrote:

Actually, if the appearance stuff was available, some clever person could probably figure out a way to create a tab panel with just existing radio buttons and labels, and maybe a level or two of spans inside the labels (and maybe a P or fieldset to line everything up inside of). That'd be an interesting challenge, even without the tab appearance availability. It seems doable on the face of it.

I've created a proof-of-concept, which uses radio buttons, adjacent selectors, and absolute positioning to create a panel of tabs that works. A bug in Safari seems to prevent the selectors from noticing changes to the radio buttons' states. FireFox 2 doesn't work because I am using display:inline-box. But it works perfectly in FireFox 3 and Opera 9.26, and initially looks correct in Safari.

Here it is, if you are interested:


("pure CSS" and functional, no JavaScript involved)

Ideally, I'd rather not have to use absolute positioning. Maybe someday I could use "move-to" on the content instead (if I remember correctly how that is supposed to work). And I had to use negative margins to collapse the white space; there might be a better way. Oh, and I'd love for "appearance" to support assigning the proper OS UI look, but I simulated that instead, in the second example.