List of CSS properties and descriptors, both draft and standard

This list was automatically generated by following links from the status table in the CSS roadmap to published (draft) specifications and then looking for definitions of properties and descriptors. It may have missed properties due to mark-up errors in those specifications.

alignment-adjustCSS3 module: line
alignment-baselineCSS3 module: line
appearanceCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
ascentCSS3 module: Web Fonts
backgroundCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
background-attachmentCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
background-breakCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
background-clipCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
background-colorCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
background-imageCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
background-originCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
background-positionCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
background-repeatCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
background-sizeCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
baselineCSS3 module: Web Fonts
baseline-shiftCSS3 module: line
bboxCSS3 module: Web Fonts
bookmark-labelCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
bookmark-levelCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
bookmark-targetCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
borderCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-bottomCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-bottom-colorCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-bottom-left-radiusCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-bottom-right-radiusCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-bottom-styleCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-bottom-widthCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-breakCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-colorCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-imageCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-leftCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-left-colorCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-left-styleCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-left-widthCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-lengthCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
border-radiusCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-rightCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-right-colorCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-right-styleCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-right-widthCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-styleCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-topCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-top-colorCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-top-left-radiusCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-top-right-radiusCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-top-styleCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-top-widthCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
border-widthCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
box-alignCSS Advanced Layout Module
box-directionCSS Advanced Layout Module
box-flexCSS Advanced Layout Module
box-flex-groupCSS Advanced Layout Module
box-linesCSS Advanced Layout Module
box-orientCSS Advanced Layout Module
box-packCSS Advanced Layout Module
box-shadowCSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
box-sizingCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
box-sizingCSS Advanced Layout Module
cap-heightCSS3 module: Web Fonts
centerlineCSS3 module: Web Fonts
clearCSS basic box model
colorCSS3 Color Module
color-profileCSS3 Color Module
column-break-afterCSS3 module: Multi-column layout
column-break-afterCSS3 module: Multi-column layout
column-break-beforeCSS3 module: Multi-column layout
column-countCSS3 module: Multi-column layout
column-gapCSS3 module: Multi-column layout
column-ruleCSS3 module: Multi-column layout
column-rule-colorCSS3 module: Multi-column layout
column-rule-styleCSS3 module: Multi-column layout
column-rule-widthCSS3 module: Multi-column layout
columnsCSS3 module: Multi-column layout
column-widthCSS3 module: Multi-column layout
contentCSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Module
contentCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
counter-incrementCSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Module
counter-resetCSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Module
cropCSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Module
cue-afterCSS3 Speech Module
cueCSS3 Speech Module
cue-beforeCSS3 Speech Module
cursorCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
definition-srcCSS3 module: Web Fonts
descentCSS3 module: Web Fonts
displayCSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Module
displayCSS basic box model
displayCSS Advanced Layout Module
dominant-baselineCSS3 module: line
drop-initial-after-adjustCSS3 module: line
drop-initial-after-alignCSS3 module: line
drop-initial-before-adjustCSS3 module: line
drop-initial-before-alignCSS3 module: line
drop-initial-sizeCSS3 module: line
drop-initial-valueCSS3 module: line
fitCSS3 Module: Paged Media
fit-positionCSS3 Module: Paged Media
floatCSS basic box model
float-offsetCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
fontCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
font-familyCSS3 module: Web Fonts
font-sizeCSS3 module: Web Fonts
font-stretchCSS3 module: Web Fonts
font-styleCSS3 module: Web Fonts
font-variantCSS3 module: Web Fonts
font-weightCSS3 module: Web Fonts
grid-columnsCSS Grid Positioning Module LevelĀ 3
grid-rowsCSS Grid Positioning Module LevelĀ 3
hanging-punctuationCSS Text Level 3
heightCSS basic box model
hyphenate-afterCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
hyphenate-beforeCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
hyphenate-characterCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
hyphenate-linesCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
hyphenate-resourceCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
hyphensCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
iconCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
image-orientationCSS3 Module: Paged Media
image-resolutionCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
inline-box-alignCSS3 module: line
letter-spacingCSS Text Level 3
line-heightCSS3 module: line
line-stackingCSS3 module: line
line-stacking-rubyCSS3 module: line
line-stacking-shiftCSS3 module: line
line-stacking-strategyCSS3 module: line
list-styleCSS3 module: Lists
list-style-imageCSS3 module: Lists
list-style-positionCSS3 module: Lists
list-style-typeCSS3 module: Lists
marginCSS basic box model
margin-bottomCSS basic box model
margin-leftCSS basic box model
margin-rightCSS basic box model
margin-topCSS basic box model
mark-afterCSS3 Speech Module
markCSS3 Speech Module
mark-beforeCSS3 Speech Module
marksCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
marquee-directionCSS basic box model
marquee-loopCSS basic box model
marquee-speedCSS basic box model
marquee-styleCSS basic box model
mathlineCSS3 module: Web Fonts
max-heightCSS basic box model
max-widthCSS basic box model
min-heightCSS basic box model
min-widthCSS basic box model
move-toCSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Module
nav-downCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
nav-indexCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
nav-leftCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
nav-rightCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
nav-upCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
opacityCSS3 Color Module
orphansCSS3 Module: Paged Media
outlineCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
outline-colorCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
outline-offsetCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
outline-styleCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
outline-widthCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
overflowCSS basic box model
overflow-styleCSS basic box model
overflow-xCSS basic box model
overflow-yCSS basic box model
paddingCSS basic box model
padding-bottomCSS basic box model
padding-leftCSS basic box model
padding-rightCSS basic box model
padding-topCSS basic box model
pageCSS3 Module: Paged Media
page-break-afterCSS3 Module: Paged Media
page-break-beforeCSS3 Module: Paged Media
page-break-insideCSS3 Module: Paged Media
page-policyCSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Module
panose-1CSS3 module: Web Fonts
pause-afterCSS3 Speech Module
pauseCSS3 Speech Module
pause-beforeCSS3 Speech Module
phonemesCSS3 Speech Module
positionCSS Advanced Layout Module
presentation-levelCSS3 module: Presentation Levels
punctuation-trimCSS Text Level 3
quotesCSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Module
rendering-intentCSS3 Color Module
resizeCSS3 Basic User Interface Module
rest-afterCSS3 Speech Module
restCSS3 Speech Module
rest-beforeCSS3 Speech Module
rotationCSS basic box model
rotation-pointCSS basic box model
sizeCSS3 Module: Paged Media
slopeCSS3 module: Web Fonts
speakCSS3 Speech Module
srcCSS3 module: Web Fonts
stemhCSS3 module: Web Fonts
stemvCSS3 module: Web Fonts
string-setCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
tab-sideCSS Advanced Layout Module
targetCSS3 Hyperlink Presentation Module
target-nameCSS3 Hyperlink Presentation Module
target-newCSS3 Hyperlink Presentation Module
target-positionCSS3 Hyperlink Presentation Module
text-alignCSS Text Level 3
text-align-lastCSS Text Level 3
text-emphasisCSS Text Level 3
text-heightCSS3 module: line
text-indentCSS Text Level 3
text-justifyCSS Text Level 3
text-outlineCSS Text Level 3
text-replaceCSS3 module: Generated Content for Paged Media
text-shadowCSS Text Level 3
text-wrapCSS Text Level 3
toplineCSS3 module: Web Fonts
unicode-rangeCSS3 module: Web Fonts
units-per-emCSS3 module: Web Fonts
vertical-alignCSS3 module: line
visibilityCSS basic box model
voice-balanceCSS3 Speech Module
voice-durationCSS3 Speech Module
voice-familyCSS3 Speech Module
voice-pitchCSS3 Speech Module
voice-pitch-rangeCSS3 Speech Module
voice-rateCSS3 Speech Module
voice-stressCSS3 Speech Module
voice-volumeCSS3 Speech Module
white-spaceCSS Text Level 3
white-space-collapseCSS Text Level 3
widowsCSS3 Module: Paged Media
widthCSS basic box model
widthsCSS3 module: Web Fonts
word-breakCSS Text Level 3
word-spacingCSS Text Level 3
word-wrapCSS Text Level 3
x-heightCSS3 module: Web Fonts

Bert Bos