As a longtime fly-on-the-wall, take this opinion however you'd like: as a long-time web developer, animations and transitions seem like something that could work with CSS but not necessarily as part of it. The WebKit implementation seems to make some simplifying assumptions, such that you'd only want to animate one property at a time. I'd much rather see a JavaScript-based API that allows me to specifying numerous properties, start and end values, as well as timing information. Putting this information solely in CSS seems very forced to me.

Just my two cents.


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David Hyatt wrote:

> Here is a list from Apple regarding what we would like to see within the
> scope of the CSS WG's charter.

Here's my personal (I insist: personal) take about your proposals, from
a pure CSS p.o.v.:

1. transformations change nothing in the behaviour or semantics of an
    element, it's strictly about rendering effects : in scope
2. transitions are even deeper than rendering, they affect the
    way a property value is applied to an element : in scope
3. animations are just a way to apply a set or continuum of various
    property values to an element : in scope
4. CSS Media Queries extensions ; of course in scope

That said, I am not saying anything about the solutions you chose, I am
just saying I have the personal feeling it's perfectly normal to ask the
CSS WG to deal with your proposals.
As a web author, I want these features and I want them as simple to edit
as possible. As a standards guy, I want to make sure (a) we're not
reinventing the wheel (b) we're not going to neglect the HUGE
experience other W3C WGs have on these topics [1] (c) it's intuitive
and simple enough so web authors can edit w/o having to hire an expert
to understand the spec. Point (c) is in my humble opinion already

[1] for instance on transition collisions...

Co-Chair, W3C CSS Working Group

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