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Re: [becss] "Behavioral Extensions to CSS" no longer an appropriate name

From: Bert Bos <bert@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 18:32:34 +0200
To: "Paul Nelson (ATC)" <paulnel@winse.microsoft.com>
Cc: www-style@w3.org, "Chris Wilson" <chris.wilson@microsoft.com>
Message-Id: <200710221832.35481.bert@w3.org>

On Sunday 21 October 2007 21:52, Paul Nelson (ATC) wrote:
> Chris Wilson, one of the original authors, believes that it is not
> good that the title of the specification has remained as is in spite
> of the fact the document being essentially a different and limited
> topic.
> We would like to suggest that a new title, such as "Binding to CSS",
> be given to the document due to the significant change in focus of
> the document. The behavior parts have been removed from the document.

Changing the title (on the next update) is no problem. Updating the 
existing draft was just easier than publishing a note saying we no 
longer work on it and starting a new series.

I agree the title doesn't describe the contents. All the module defines 
is a way to attach URLs to elements. What those URLs mean is not 
defined by the draft.

Some future document could define, e.g., that binding to an XML Schema 
has the same effect as an "xmlns" attribute on the bound element, or 
that a link to an image has the same effect as a SRC attribute in HTML. 
(I'm not claiming those are good ideas! :-) ) At the moment, only XBL2 
describes the meaning of bindings and although XBL2 deals partly with 
behavior, that doesn't mean the 'binding' property is for behavior 
only. (As far as I know, XBL2 doesn't actually have a MIME type yet, so 
in practice you can't use 'binding' for anything at all yet.)

The title "Binding to CSS" isn't quite accurate either. The binding 
isn't to CSS, but to elements in the documents that use that 
CSS. "Associating URLs with documents through CSS" is maybe more 
accurate, or "Binding [Web-based] resources to elements [in structured 
documents] using CSS."

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