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Re: Suggestion for new link pseudo-class :current (or similar)

From: Niklas Åkerlund <spinningvertex@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 10:57:57 +0200
Message-ID: <b0dd968b0707310157n17f5e67dk3ac8b4337fd2c952@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-style@w3.org


> A feature does not need to be useful to everyone, merely to enough people to
> warrant the work. Since this has been requested a number of times here shows
> that enough people with a cup of brain matter to find the list have bothered
> to speak up, and also shows that since only a fraction of the populace bothers
> to speak up, there has to be a large number of people who would use this. I'd
> even wager more people would use this than a goodly number of other CSS
> features already in the spec.

I most certainly agree with you, Grey Hodge. It is a good idea and in
my opinion should have been implemented along with the other link
pseudo classes.

If it had been implemented back then, and was being used as widely as
the other a pseudo classes, I do believe people would take greater
care with their back ends to present clients with proper locations.

Alot of CSS features seems very useless to 99% of all web pages but
just about ever page on the net has a-links. And among the first thing
styled on a page are the links.

> Good question. That's another point for discussion. Should it be exact,
> matching URI and internal anchors, or not? In my opinion, it should be a
> straight match.

It should be treated the same way visited works.... ehh, that's exact, isn't it?

> However, if one is to go down this road, one may as well pave it. If :current
> gains traction, how about:
> :current-exact for what I describe above
> :current-partial to match path and file
> :current-path for only the domain.tld/path/ part
> :current-

I'd not be greedy. Sure they'd be more usefull than some other CSS but
just the :current would help loads. But if the rode is to be well
paved, it'd be nice to make difference between links leading off the
site and internal ones. At most pages you have to check the status bar
to see if the link leads away. Some do it server side or manually to
show with a little icon that it leads away... as on wikipedia for
example. Perhaps that could be done with a :relative pseudo class? or
current-domain or something. I'll happily leave dreaming up the
name/syntax to someone else. I'd be fancy with a friendly green
default color for internal links though...

Niklas Åkerlund
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