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Re[2]: properties 'base' and 'offset'

From: Dmitry Turin <sql40@narod.ru>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 10:36:27 +0300
Message-ID: <784290383.20070718103627@narod.ru>
To: www-style@w3.org

Good day, David.

>> and let documents have different links (they are also specified in example)
>>   /path/x1.htm                     <a href="./m/n/x2.htm">
>>   /path/m/n/x2.htm                 <a href="../../x1.htm">
>> Imagine, that we move part of site to other server,
>> .partB-of-site {                              /*** for site1.com ***/
>>   offset: site1.com/path1 site2.com/path2;
>> }

DW> It's really page metadata
  You try to take cover in words?
  I wrote in public-html@w3.org in thread "Two ways of development",
that when people invented HTML, they decided,
that Document will be Specification of components (something like Delpi/CBuilder now),
but now developers copy hardware view at things into documents.
  I wroted about JS.
People don't use JS for make-up, they prefer <table>.
But they cann't invent elements with integral behaviour itself,
because cann't classify behaviours, problems with subsumption.
Thence people hide heads in programming guts.
  But you make the same in other place.
You devide by unessential artificial signs.
Only usability has sense for man.

DW> I think this is so clearly an inappropriate use of CSS
"Obviously" means "I can prove easy".

DW> is most properly implemented in the server
(1)  What does "properly" means ?
(2)  No. My manner allow to correct project once and
to duplicate it on many servers _without_ work of brain.
Your manner requires understanding of server's configuration and
requires attention (work of brain) to bring project to new host.

DW> correct approach is to have the 
DW> original server return HTTP permanent redirects to the new location
Why to edit server configuration is correct,
but to transform path by CSS in not correct ?
Compare, please.

Dmitry Turin
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