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RE: [css3 color] ICC profile reference

From: Grant, Melinda <melinda.grant@hp.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 23:42:17 -0600
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To: "Chris Lilley" <chris@w3.org>
Cc: "www-style" <www-style@w3.org>, "Holm, Jack" <jack.holm@hp.com>

Hi Chris,

This (your message below) would seem to suggest that references should
be provided to both the most recent v2 and v4 ICC specs, namely ICC.1
2001-04 and ICC.1 2004-10 respectively.

As I understand it, the latest v2 spec is fully backward compatible with
previous v2 specs; it just has some additional optional metadata and
somewhat better explanatory language.  So there doesn't seem any reason
to reference the earlier v2.0 (3.2)...?

Also, in many cases it is the app that uses the profile. Most
ICC-capable apps are aware of GDI limitations and use their own CMM when
they encounter a v4 profile (if not all the time). The much bigger risk
is when an app is not ICC aware, in which case color management doesn't
work regardless of the profile version or OS ICC support.

At any rate, I wouldn't think we would want to preclude
standards-conforming documents styling with css3 from utilizing the most
recent ICC color profiles...?

Best wishes,


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> On Tuesday, January 30, 2007, 2:41:14 PM, I wrote:
> CL> much of the Microsoft documentation has old dates, like 2001. I 
> CL> would be glad of pointers to more recent and more technically 
> CL> detailed documentation.
> I checked with Microsoft. They tell me that ICM 2.0 in 
> Windows XP SP2 supports only version 2 ICC profiles as 
> specified in the ICC profile specification version 3.2 (Note: 
> There never was a "version 3" ICC profile: profiles 
> corresponding to versions 3.x of the ICC profile format 
> specification document are all version 2 profiles).
> CL> The CMS in Windows Vista is supposed to be a big improvement.
> Support for version 4 ICC profiles was only added to ICM with 
> the Windows Color System in Windows Vista.
> So, current Windows systems are correctly described by the 
> ICC 3.2 specification currently referenced; unless a 
> third-party CMS like Kodak, Adobe, LinoColor or whatever is 
> installed, version 4 profiles will not be understood.
> CL> In general (to get back to your question) it seems to be 
> the right 
> CL> thing to update to the current version, it may be ok to 
> go for "this 
> CL> version or higher" and I would prefer to have more hard 
> facts to go 
> CL> on. I have a couple of enquiries going and will report back.  At 
> CL> this point I am mainly concerned with when Microsoft ICM 2.0 was 
> CL> updated and to check what version of ICC profiles is supported in 
> CL> the version that ships today (XP SP2).
> It seems that my caution was, unfortunately, well justified. 
> OS X and Linux are on ICC v.4, but Windows XP is by default 
> still on v.2
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