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Re[5]: <table presentation="pie"> (was: Re: <table chart="pie">)

From: Dmitry Turin <html6css4@yandex.ru>
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 09:18:35 +0400
To: www-style@w3.org
Message-Id: <713691188105515@webmail30.yandex.ru>

RK> A way to do this is applying a xsl stylesheet to the table (either via

RK> script or an included stylesheet) and transforming the thing to an svg

RK> piechart.

MR> you could use XBL 2.0, some scripting and the <canvas> element

LH> There are already working solutions available for drawing graphs using

LH> script, <canvas> and/or SVG.

What is easier for user: that you mentioned or

to change @presentation="alphabet" to @presentation="pie" ?

What is more convenient for user ?

PHL> this sort of thing should be handled via CSS or similar.

I agree,

that it's necessary to change attribute @presentation by property 'presentation'.

PHL> If your intention is to inject visual/presentational elements back into


No, of course, no. Gold isn't in it.

LH> Please try to start by describing use cases and problems, instead of

LH> always proposing solutions to undefined problems.

See answer for first question

(i promise, that i will begin next proposals from use cases and problems.

Use cases was absolutely obviously for me).


RK> By applying this transformation via scripting, you could still 

RK> display the data as a table for browsers that do not support xsl 

RK> transformations and svg rendering.

In my version, if browser does not support @presentation,

it display as usually (i.e. as @presentation="alphabet").

MR> Doing things like pie charts

MR> directly in markup would only make HTML more complicated to implement in

MR> a user agent.

To show chart (rendered by separate procedure) instead of

to show table (rendered by other procedure) ?

"complicated to implement" ?

Why ??


Even if it will be so, my point is that, user has priority over machine

(i.e. usability has priority).

Dmitry Turin

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