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Re: Fwd: Re: MQ Aspect Ratio

From: fantasai <fantasai.lists@inkedblade.net>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 19:48:04 -0400
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Forwarding more comments from Timur. Looks like we should

   - Update the MQ spec to define things so they work reasonably for non-isometric
     screen resolutions. This means defining aspect ratio in physical units, not
     device pixels, and defining how 'resolution' would be interpreted in these cases.
   - Either add 'aspect-ratio' or remove 'device-aspect-ratio'.
   - Possibly remove the device-* queries. I can't think of any cases where they'd
     be more appropriate than the same queries without 'device'. Anyone have some
     use cases?


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Subject: Re: MQ Aspect Ratio
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 01:35:02 +0200
From: Timur Mehrvarz <timur.mehrvarz@web.de>
To: fantasai <fantasai@inkedblade.net>
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fantasai wrote:
 > Timur Mehrvarz wrote:
 >> I would even think, that aspect-ratio (which may refer to the
 >> "complete rendering area, for instance a browser window"), could
 >> just replace device-aspect-ratio. Once aspect-ratio exists, there
 >> is no reason to keep device-aspect-ratio anymore.
 > The device-* properties are in general not particularly useful. :)


 >> I'm not sure what to do about non-isometric resolutions in MQ.
 >> "aspect-ratio-em" maybe? :)
 > In general authors don't need to think about that. It might affect image
 > rendering maybe, if the relevant technology doesn't account for non-isometric
 > resolutions, but the way CSS defines lengths means that authors can expect a
 > 1u X 1u box to be actually square (where u is any CSS unit).
 > The MQ spec doesn't need any new media queries to deal with this, it just
 > needs text that defines reasonable behavior for non-isometric resolutions.

OK. Btw, implementing "aspect-ratio" where "device-aspect-ratio" is
already implemented is very very little work. So I would say, getting
it in the spec is the actual work. I don't think the browser vendors
will have a particular issue with implementing it. I will post a
patch for webkit as soon as MQ is updated in this regard. (I mean, in
case it will be updated. Hopefully.)

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