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Re: [css3-background] misc. feedback

From: Larry Israel <lisrael@cruzio.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 14:32:33 -0800
Message-Id: <a06200702be3959e395f2@[]>
To: www-style@w3.org

Here is some miscellaneous feedback from a web developer as I read through
the CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module.

Overall, I'm thrilled with this proposal! Wonderful to have multiple
backgrounds on an element, and a simple way to get complex/interesting
borders via 'border-image' and 'border-radius'.

The following are just ideas. Take them or leave them; you may find some
are worth following through:

5. The 'background-image' property
     If 'background-repeat' or 'background-position' has more
     comma-separated values than 'background-image',
     the series of values is repeated as needed."
I suggest moving that text as well as the example and red notes that
follow it. I think this content would more appropriately be placed in
section 13 Layering multiple background images.

7. The 'background-attachment' property
     ... in the case of 'scroll', the background does not scroll
     with the element's content.
This seems counter-intuitive. How about reversing the values, so that a
'scroll' background scrolls with the element's content, and 'no-scroll'
(perhaps, rather than 'local') does not.

9. The 'background-clip' property
It may be useful to clarify (say) that the border (if present) is layered
in front of any backgrounds.

11. The 'background-size' property
Other ideas for the value now named 'round':
nocrop, nocut, or noclip.
(These are somewhat similar conceptually to 'nowrap'.) If specified
separately for height and width, could use 'nocrop-x' and 'nocrop-y'.

12. The 'background-break' property
1) The term "pages" is used here (and in section 3) without a definition.
My assumptions are that (a) "pages" refers only to print media (and other
"paged media," whatever that may mean); and (b) "pages" is defined in some
other module(s). You may want to clarify some of this with a cross
2) How about 'container' instead of 'bounding-box', and 'each' instead of
'each-box'. Or maybe 'parent' and 'child', or 'outer' and 'inner' have a
use as values? (Note, however, that I don't fully understand this section
yet; no fault of the authors.)

14. The 'background' property
In the example, it says:
     The first rule is equivalent to:
     body {
         background-color: red;
         background-size: 30% 30%;
Shouldn't that be background-size: auto; (or "auto auto").

19. The 'border-radius' properties
Some examples would be nice.
And is 'border-radius' a shorthand property?

22. The 'box-shadow' property
I think this is missing a width value that would specify how wide/thick
the shadow will be. The width should be independent of either the offset
(x/y) or the bluring.

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