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Re: [css3-ui] Problems with :read-only and :read-write

From: Laurens Holst <lholst@students.cs.uu.nl>
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 23:19:53 +0200
Message-ID: <42EFE379.3010302@students.cs.uu.nl>
To: Orion Adrian <orion.adrian@gmail.com>
Cc: www-style@w3.org

Orion Adrian wrote:
> Users be damned eh?
I am a user of many many websites, and am absolutely thrilled by the 
fact that they don’t all look the same. I gladly recall when I first 
browsed around the Zen garden, and am a happy user of many other 
prettily styled (but more informational :)) websites, such as Wikipedia. 
It seems you are a minority of the users that you want it otherwise.

> I guess I find major issue with the approach the W3C is taking with
> its two biggest specs. Users be damned. Nothing like sanctioned abuse
> huh?
If you don’t like CSS (and that other spec), then why post here. It’s 
not going to change, its design and goals have been set long long ago, 
it has too much progress and has gained too much support from various 
parties who apparently *do* think it is a good idea. Doing it 
differently would be another language, not CSS.

My opinion on what your ideas in this subject is perhaps ‘noble’, but 
also very naive. Additionally, as long as the underlying markup is 
semantic, a website is accessible. Nothing is withholding anyone from 
representing that content in an accessible way, in case that is necessary.

Repeating yourself over and over is only annoying, I understood your 
point a long time ago.

Additionally, you have both objections against using CSS as a styling 
language as as a layout language, and that makes me wonder: what’s left 
then? Why do you need CSS *at all*? XHTML lets the authors mark up their 
documents semantically, and XHTML 2.0 even lets you specify roles for 
different sections of the document so that you can arrange them all over 
your screen exactly how you like it, even in separate windows if you 
would want that. And you can make a stylesheet such that every website 
blends right into your OS. What else do you need?

So, I would still like to hear your view on simply turning off the CSS 
on websites and using a custom stylesheet of your own. Given that you 
dislike CSS’s current functionality and use so much, surely you must be 
doing it your own way? If not, you are preaching something that you do 
not practice.


Ushiko-san! Kimi wa doushite, Ushiko-san!!
Laurens Holst, student, university of Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Website: www.grauw.nl. Backbase employee; www.backbase.com.
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