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Re: My Reply to a CSS3 multiple background image question by Ian Hickson

From: Kiarra Parker <excellencepersonified@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 15:25:31 -0500
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I rather like the idea of

background-image: [ 
|| <'background-image'> || <'background-repeat'> || 
<'background-attachment'> || <'background-position'>] | inherit;

/* Aside from the first, all properties above are not applied, 
superceded by the following */

background(1): [ 
|| <'background-repeat'> || <'background-attachment'> || 

background(2): [ <'background-image'> || <'background-repeat'> || 
<'background-attachment'> || <'background-position'>];

background(3): [<'background-image'> || <'background-repeat'> || 
<'background-attachment'> || <'background-position'>];

background-z-index: 1, 3, 2; /* 1 on top, 3 in the middle, 2 in the back */

That, or every background attribute repeated with (n) behind it.  
Eventually, that would give designers the most power, it is not 
difficult to understand, and it's everything we want rather than a 
limited compromise.  Except control over opacity, visibility, clipping 
and such, but that's more than single backgrounds have anyway. Immediate 
downside is of course that it will be bulky if multiple backgrounds are 

"background url() url(e) url() url(w); background-z-layer e:1 w:0;" is 
confusing and strange. There are URLs in each 'url()', aren't there?  
Perhaps something like "background: e = url();" would make more sense if 
we use that method.  It accomplishes the same purpose as "background(1)" 
with different syntax.  Personally, I wouldn't prefer it.

>basically if I could get a cool way of
> placing those pictures relative to the page, but also some distance
> from the left or top anchor points.
I don't think we should worry about positioning images relative to the 
page, just to the box they're in.  There would be way too many images 
flying around pages outside of their boxes otherwise.  Perhaps clipping 
should be forced, then.  It's enough that boxes are positioned relative 
to the boxes around them; backgrounds are just that, backgrounds for 
their boxes.

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