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[css21] Appendix D default style sheet for HTML

From: J.Jeka <moz@jeka.info>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 21:10:01 +0100
To: <www-style@w3.org>
Cc: <jeka@jeka.info>
Message-Id: <5365489$10804178564065de40129434.27614134@config21.schlund.de>

I have some (little) problems with CSS 2.1 CR.

1. Recomended line-height

The default style sheet for HTML contains this:
  body { line-height: 1.12 }.
But what all popular UAs use is  line-height: 1.2  -isn't it?
This sentence about line-height (section 10.8.1)
  "We recommend a used value for 'normal' between 1.0 to 1.2."
should be matched to the recomended value of appendix D.

2. Recomended font-size of headings, scaling factors for font-size

There are significant differences between appendix D and section 15.7.
The font-sizes of headings don't match.

section 15.7
font-size      xx-small x-small small  medium  large  x-large xx-large
<font size>    1                2       3      4       5        6
heading        h6       --      h5      h4     h3      h2       h1
scaling factor 0.60     0.75    0.89    1.0    1.20    1.50     2.0
appendix D     0.75em   --      0.83em  1.0em  1.17em  1.50em   2.0em

And think on something like this:
<body style="font-size:40px">
<h2 style="font-size:x-large">heading</h2>
On an average screen this h2 may have a font size of 24px, while the
text is larger. Headings should be sized relatively, like in appendix D,
and not absolutely, like section 15.7. may suggest. Throw it out here,
it's confusing.

I don't like the scaling factors of section 15.7. Is this really a
reflection of current implementations? 0.89 seems me to big and 0.60 to

This may be a consistent compromise:
section 15.7
font-size      xx-small x-small small  medium  large  x-large xx-large
<font size>     1       --      2       3      4       5        6
scaling factor  0.60    0.72    0.85    1.0    1.20    1.50     2.0
appendix D              h6      h5      h4     h3      h2       h1
font-size               0.72em  0.85em  1.0em  1.20em  1.50em   2.0em

Or this range:  0.62    0.73    0.85    1.0    1.17    1.5      2.0

3. I'm missing img in appendix D.
Shouldn't img have display:inline-block like object?

4. btw...
I found "CSS2" where "CSS 2.1" should be used:
12.4    Automatic numbering in CSS2 is controlled...
13.3.5  CSS2 does not define...
        CSS2 does not forbid a user agent...
        But CSS2 does recommend that...
	... just like normal CSS2 declarations.
18      18.2 CSS2 System Colors
18.2    Note. The CSS2 System Colors...
        ...etc., CSS2 introduced...
Full Table of Contents 18.2  CSS2 System Colors

5. btw...
section 4.1.2: -khtml- is a known vendor-specific extension too.

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