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RE: [CSS21] Test Suite

From: Mark Moore <mark.moore@notlimited.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 22:07:09 -0700
To: <www-style@w3.org>
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Thanks again for taking the time to provide detailed comments.  I like the
"<!--/*--><![CDATA[/*><!--*/" trick, but it seems simpler to just eliminate
the "<![CDATA[" and "}}>" section markers all together.  They don't serve
any useful purpose.

I also liked your suggestion that the CSS 2.1 Test Suite use XHTML 1.0
Strict in lieu of XHTML 1.1.

BTW, the attachment is from the *very preliminary* CSS 2.1 Test Suite
provided by Ian Hickson.  I don't have any control over there content
outside making suggestions (like the ones that started this thread). ;o)

BTW, I've answered your direct questions below.


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>    IE doesn't fully support <object> either, as you used in the
> attachment, so that is why the image did not show up.  If you change
> that to an <img/> element and fix the style block up so it doesn't get
> ignored by IE, you end up with code like the following.  You should also
> change the DOCTYPE to XHTML 1.0 since XHTML 1.1 *must not* be treated as
> text/html, as it is in IE, but at least is allowed by the specification.
>   (however, some still discourage its use because it relies on HTML user
> agents error handling)  However, for a purely XHTML test, your previous
> code was fine (except for the missing xml:lang attribute).  These
> changes just allow it to be either an HTML or XHTML test.
> Although, I can't quite figure out why you think the diagrams should be
> identical.  The image in the screenshot you sent looks nothing like the
> CSS styled text version.

The attached images also demonstrated a parsing error caused by the CDATA
section markers.  If they are removed, Opera renders the p#rule element
correctly (identical to the PNG).

>    Also, you should notice that Opera ignored the CSS because the
> document was being parsed as text/html in Opera, rather than
> application/xhtml+xml as indicated in the information panel on the left.

Not sure why that would be.  I have a stock version of Opera 7.51.  If you
look at the info pane, it looks to me like Opera parsed the file as
text/html (see "MIME type from server:"), not application/xhtml+xml.  I
believe IIS defaults to sending Content-Type of text/html in the HTTP
headers for unknown file types (e.g. .xhtml).

>    My Opera parsed it as application/xhtml+xml, so I don't know what's
> wrong with your system, it should have also, unless it's an old version.
>   Anyway, by using the <!--/*--><![CDATA[/*><!--*/ and /*]]>*/--> as
> above, the style will be parsed by both HTML and XHTML user agents.
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