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[css3-speech] some comments

From: Anne van Kesteren <fora@annevankesteren.nl>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 19:23:12 +0100
Message-ID: <41C32410.6060509@annevankesteren.nl>
To: W3C CSS List <www-style@w3.org>

* 5. Speaking properties: 'speak'

Is "twelve" a digit? Or is that example incorrect? What happens with 
'speak:digits' applied to an element that has non-digits content?

What is exactly the difference between 'speak:spell-out' and 
'speak:digits'. Perhaps that digits recognizes things like "twelve"? I 
think this can be clarified.

* 6. Pause properties: 'pause-before', 'pause-after' and 'pause',
      collapsing pauses
* 7. Rest properties: rest-before', 'rest-after' and 'rest'
* 8. Cue properties: 'cue-before', 'cue-after' and 'cue'
* 9. Mark properties: 'mark-before', 'mark-after' and 'mark'

Why are specific before and after properties needed? Can't they just be 
dropped? After all, there are pseudo-elements for this.

* 12. Phonetics: 'phonemes', '@phonetic-alphabet' and 'content'

About the third example. Is the content still displayed after it has 
been "replaced" by the sound? Does the sound start playing immediatly? 
Can the user stop the sound? Pauze? Rewind it?

About the fourth example. I was wondering whether |li::before| would 
still be relevant after the '::marker' pseudo-element is introduced[1].


  Anne van Kesteren
Received on Friday, 17 December 2004 18:23:30 UTC

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