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CSS3 Text: 'text-script'

From: fantasai <fantasai@escape.com>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 03:37:54 -0500
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CSS3 Text, Section 3.5

"text-script: auto" Heuristic

   I brought up two separate points about 'text-script'. One was the
   nature of the computed value and inheritance of 'auto'. This has
   been addressed in the new draft. However, the second point was not
   even logged in the Disposition of Comments--probably because I did
   not state the problem explicitly. (Sorry!)

   In the two examples I drew, the heuristic given in CSS3 Text
   resolves the dominant script to a wrong value. Taking the first
   unambiguous letter is too simplistic. The UA should be free to
   choose its own algorithm, one more sophisticated than this.

   A possible starting point would be to compare the first *and last*
   characters in the element; if they do not conflict, the script
   is found. If they do, a more rigorous algorithm can be invoked.
   This method can be fairly quick and I believe it will be more
   accurate than just checking the first character. The UA may also
   want to incorporate other information into its algorithm, such as
   the document charset, the element's language settings, the 'text-
   script' values determined for nearby elements, etc.

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Editorial comments

   (First few paragraphs could use a rewrite; although not
    problematic, they're not very well written.)

   # For operations that do not require a dominant scrip

   Change "scrip" to "script"

   # Note: The Unicode technical report [UTR-24]: 'Script Names'
   # specifies...

   Pull this note out of the <script> description. It applies to
   the property as a whole, and should be placed accordingly.

   The description for <script> should be cut to:
      A script identifier in conformance with [UTR-24]. If the
      script identifier is either 'COMMON' or 'INHERITED' the
      dominant script value is 'LATIN', otherwise the dominant
      script value is the specified value. All characters in
      the element are reclassified as belonging to this dominant
      script. For example setting 'text-script' to 'HAN' makes
      the content behave as CJK content for line-breaking.
      Typically, an explicit script value should be used only
      when the textual content's script ambiguous and a specific
      behavior is sought.
        Note: Script identifiers are not case-sensitive.

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