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[css3-ui] Last? Call

From: Alexander Savenkov <w3@hotbox.ru>
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 15:06:32 +0400
Message-ID: <3210179795.20030707150632@hotbox.ru>
To: www-style@w3.org


According to the document's status section, "the working group believes
that this specification is ready" etc. I really doubt it.

The inconsistencies in the draft are so obvious that I just couldn't
keep myself from posting the comments.

3.2.2. ::choices and other
What's a "pseudo"? The specification should not contain
abbreviations like this. Change to pseudo-class/pseudo-elements.

4.1. The 'appearance' property
Who's idea was this? What's the purpose of this? Why not just use
'display' property with the new values?

4.2. System fonts
Why just fonts? What if someone wants to style the padding of the
images according to the padding of system radio button? What if the
other one believes the margin of his paragraph should be equal to the
system checkbox-group?

5.1. Additional value(s) for 'display' property
I guess this ought to look like this:
p { display: icon; icon: url(blah); }
Tell me, how is this different from
p { content: url(blah); }?
The 'icon' property has to be removed.

6.5. 'outline-offset' property
This reminds me of the "marker-offset". Is this really important? The
specification should leave this to the user agents.

8.2.1. Keyboard equivalents: the 'key-equivalent' property
"There may be platform and user agent limitations to key-equivalents
which conflict with those inherent in the user agent and operating
Great news. What about the UA behavior in this case?

"Should we include "standard" keys from other consumer computing
Could you expand on this? You call this a last call. Where's the
solution? This section should be completely reworked.

Etc., etc., etc. This document is not in its Last Call. I'd say it
still looks like a list of requirements. It has to be carefully
reviewed and rewritten.

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