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Re: Center DIV

From: David Woolley <david@djwhome.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 21:44:48 +0100 (BST)
Message-Id: <200307032044.h63Kimb09951@djwhome.demon.co.uk>
To: www-style@w3.org

> document language, it is used as a document language, an interface 
> language, a general purpose XML grammar and several other things. 

That's because of a couple of problems:

1) People seem unable to grasp the concept that different jobs need
   different tools**, e.g. if visual appearence is paramount, then PDF
   has been much more appropriate at doing that, even in its pre-HTML
   form, than HTML.

2) People want to treat web browsers as though they were graphical 
   libraries, rather than document viewers.  The point being that it
   avoids them having to arrange for a more appropriate graphical
   library to be installed by the user.  (Microsoft's .NET, although
   probably done more because a standard like HTML doesn't allow them
   to exploit their monopoly well, probably better addresses that 

> Advances would be made more quickly if they were aimed at the current 
> situation, rather than a theoretical one. I'm not saying either is the 

What is being asked for is often a return to pre-HTML days, so I'm not
sure that "advances" is a good term to use.

** Some of the things that people seem to want, like liquid layouts as
good as handcrafted layouts, that work whatever the display technology
and user preferences and overrides are still research topics.  Especially
if you also want them to be intuitive to an 18 year old arts student.
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