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Re: Smart font features again (was: Proprietary identifier names)

From: <Sharon_Correll@sil.org>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 20:24:04 -0600
To: www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF311B1DD8.494AFC06-ON86256CD5.000BE28E@sil.org>

On 02/20/2003 12:12:27 PM Bert Bos wrote:
>The latest proposal (unfortunately still not published) is to use
>   1. a hyphen or an underscore, followed by
>   2. the (possibly abbreviated) name of your company,
>   3. another hyphen or underscore, and
>   4. the property name

Being new to CSS, this is the first I've heard of proprietary identifier
names. It sounds like this could possibly provide at least a temporary
approach to my problem of needing to define font properties to allow an
arbitrary set of font feature values to be specified. Something along the
lines of:

    .allLigatures {
       font-family: "My Graphite Font With Ligature Levels";
       -sil-font-feature-123: 2 }
    .commonLigatures {
       font-family: "My Graphite Font With Ligature Levels";
       -sil-font-feature-123: 1 }
    .noLigatures {
       font-family: "My Graphite Font With Ligature Levels";
       -sil-font-feature-123: 0 }
  <p class=commonLigatures>This sentence is shown with only the common

(I don't know if -sil-, the organization name, would be the right choice,
or something like -graphite-, the name of the technology that uses the
property, but that's a relatively minor issue.)

Then of course we'd need to extend the CSS implementation in question to
handle it--which may or may not be trivial!

Sharon Correll
SIL International
Received on Friday, 21 February 2003 21:28:41 UTC

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