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Re: [css3] URI selectors

From: Chris Moschini <cmoschini@myrealbox.com>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 16:58:50 -0500
To: www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <1071007130.5fc892c0cmoschini@myrealbox.com>

It's correct that the URI selector is *not* meant with authors in mind, though I see no reason to bar them from it.

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> It would be much easier for the UA to implement per-site user 
> stylesheets...  The UA can then even use a definition of "site" that's 
> somewhat better than a direct URI match (eg based on document.domain 
> amongst other things).

Although these more extravagant implementation details are certainly possible and worthwhile on the
part of UAs, what I'm suggesting doesn't lock them out.

Instead, it standardizes the syntax that a user, an IT admin, or an Accessibility tool would use
to customize a site to a specific user's disabilities, or even a general disability type such as
red/green color blindness. Making this syntax part of the W3C spec would guarantee UAs who want to
claim CSS3 compliance must at least implement this level of accessibility.

UAs would be able to add a GUI to this syntax; for example, a user might right-click some text and
click "this is unreadable" - through a few steps in a wizard, the user is determined to be red/
green color-blind and CSS is added to their UA for this site, and can quickly be added for any other
site where "this is unreadable" is clicked. Fortunately, with a standard URI selector syntax, the
generated UA sheet can be ported to other browsers should the user ever move to another; for example,
using a cell phone on which the user's browser is not supported.

As for syntax, @scope seems fine, and I think the match ought to be "in":

@scope url( "w3.org" ), url( "w3c.org" ) { color: blue; }
@scope url( "lists.w3.org/Archives" ) { color: red; }

Here the general cases w3.org and w3c.org are selected for, and the color blue property is assigned.
The more specific case of mail archives is selected, and for this section of the site, red is assigned.

-Chris "SoopahMan" Moschini
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