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Scaling Boxes like Frames

From: Keith Spiller <larentium@hosthive.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 13:31:58 -0700
Message-ID: <00e401c27ec1$14c81500$1b3a6f0a@deepfoot>
To: "CSS2" <www-style@w3.org>

I am trying to accomplish with style sheet boxes what I once did with frames.
The design would scale to fit the browser height.

The header and footer boxes would have a set height, but the middle box would
scale to fill the remainder of the height of the browser.

The middle box would contain content (text) from a database and if it went past what
would fit in the height of the box, would then add a scrollbar.  Is there an issue with
the content being text?  In test, I have tried both putting the all three boxes in a
container box and set the height to be 100%, but that did not work.

Here is what I have tried:

    width: 630px;
    margin: 0em 0 0 0em;
    height: 100px;
    width: 630px;
    margin: 0em 0 0 0em;
    height: 90%;
    width: 630px;
    margin: 0em 0 0 0em;
    height: 50px;

    <div class=head> Heading Content </div>
    <div class=main> Database text spanning many rows... </div>
    <div class=foot> Footer Content </div>

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...

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