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css2 float/text flow selection question.

From: Michael Pediaditakis <mp49@ukc.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 13:16:58 +0000
Message-ID: <3DBD38CA.7020302@ukc.ac.uk>
To: www-style@w3.org

Hello all!

I'm not sure how relevant that is
(since I do not know if any possible solution
has to do with CSS), but here is my problem.

I have an XML file and use XSL-T to make
a presentation using XHTML+CSS2+JavaScript.
When I have an included object that is less
that half the screen size it should be rendered
as a right-aligned float with text on the sides.
If it is wider it should be a centered float witout
any text on the sides.

I'm trying to find a way to get information about the
dimentions of the enclosing box of the object
(that can be image, text, applet, whatever) without
actually rendering it (since I will have to know
the dimentsions before deciding where to put it
in the output document).

Any help???

Thanks in advance.
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