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Re: A possible presentational hints proposal for CSS 2.1

From: Coises <Randy@Coises.com>
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 16:54:20 -0700
To: www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <1ue9qu0u53j855ellge7p2jkn130s6k2dp@4ax.com>

[Wed, 09 Oct 2002 10:11:30 +0200] Rijk van Geijtenbeek:
>For the record, in Mozilla 1, IE6 and Opera 6 (all on Windows):
>* <center> and <div align=center> are both overruled by {text-align:left} 
>in all three browsers
>* <i> is overruled by {font-style:normal} in all three browsers, 'font- 
>style: italic' isn't
>* <font color=blue> is only overruled by {color:black} in Opera, not in 
>Mozilla and IE6
>I'm not smart enough to describe this in a general rule :)

The rule for IE and Mozilla appears to be that they follow the CSS 2
specification (with the undocumented understanding that the presentational
implications of elements are defined, wherever possible, by the user agent
default style sheet; while, excepting the HREF and DIR attributes found in
rules in the sample style sheet for HTML 4.0 in Appendix A, presentational
implications of attributes are handled as "non-CSS presentational hints").

The rule for Opera is that its implementation of the cascade is broken
(and has been ever since the first version of Opera to implement CSS).

You, Rijk, may see bug #14351 for further documentation.  For the benefit
of others: Opera treats user style sheets as if they were @import-ed style
sheets at the beginning of the author style sheet.  For example, given the

     User style sheet:
          BODY P {color: red}

     Author style sheet:
          P {color: green}

CSS-conformant browsers render paragraphs green; Opera renders them red.

This example is not affected by any of the proposed changes to the handling
of "non-CSS presentational hints"; but the effects of the bug in Opera can
make Opera appear (in sufficiently simple test cases) to conform to the
specifications given in the current CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 proposals.
Randall Joseph Fellmy aka Randy@Coises.com
Received on Wednesday, 9 October 2002 19:54:51 UTC

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