who are we?

we are professional in manufacturing led lamps, dot matrix, display modules and lasers. besides supplying the corporeal items, we are always concerned with the market of the final products applied with these items. we seek any possible solutions for our clients when they are interested in our products and intend to fit with them. currently our products are widely used in traffic signal, replacement lamps, transport lighting, safety lighting, photographic lighting, defence indication, automotive industry and decoration lighting, etc. we are committed to providing our superior quality products and service.

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email: peter@slopt.com
led for traffic light

we are quite experienced in producing leds for traffic lights.

red us$0.30

yellow us$0.32

blueish green us$0.36


- red
- yellow
- blueish green

led modules for indoor and outdoor applications

- monocolor

- dual colors

- full colors

we supply led dot matrix and modules of most specifications for indoor and outdoor displays. please email us for our pricing with your detailed requirements.

leds for replacements lightings like meadow light,headlamps,street lights,etc.

red,blue,green,yellow,white,etc.are available


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