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Re: Class Selectors Extension Proposals

From: Daniel Glazman <glazman@netscape.com>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 09:45:56 +0200
Message-ID: <3CE4B534.7060905@netscape.com>
To: www-style@w3.org
Jan Roland Eriksson wrote:

 > It was supposed to be "typography on the web" from the start of it,
 > (words said to me from at least one of the original creators of CSS)
 > why is it necessary to molest that original idea?

For two good reasons :

1) only stupid people never ever change of opinion
2) why not ? Better stuff always comes from molesting the old ideas.
   Molesting the original idea of CSS, I was able to make a
   transformation language, that at least two of the original creators
   of CSS found very interesting ;-) That was not in the "line" of
   CSS and the temple's keepers never thought about it, SO WHAT ?

 >> Anyway, I think it deserves to be added to the CSS Suggestions
 >> List...
 > Do _not_ add any more types of "procedure/function calls" to CSS than
 > what is already there in CSS2. Instead spend serious time on that
 > "promised" CSS2.1 spec. The world of users and authors needs it,
 > implementors needs it, don't you?

I am an implementor, an author and an end-user. And I simply have
opinions on stylesheets that you don't share. That's not a secret.

  - an implementor does whatever is needed for authors and users
    in terms of feature set
  - a web author does not need specifications, he or she needs tools
    allowing to use the full power of specifications and the full
    power of the feature set allowed by the specs w/o ANY need to have
    a knowledge of these specs ; I agree that we are still today far
    away from this but I doubt a lot of people in CSS WG will disagree
    with this statement.
  - end-users and authors are about the same but end-users often don't
    even know there are specifications behind. By the way, who cares
    outside of the 50 crazy people populating www-style and
    w3c-css-wg ?-)

 > Or is "constant earthquake" the real future?

The only constant earthquake I see here is your aggressiveness when
you answer to a technical proposal that is not in your "right line".

I never said that we will do that. I just said that, whatever is the
direction CSS takes, Alberto's idea is interesting and deserves at least
a quiet and open discussion. That's what www-style is meant for.

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