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RE: Class Selectors Extension Proposals

From: Manos Batsis <m.batsis@bsnet.gr>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 14:44:07 +0300
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To: "Daniel Glazman" <glazman@netscape.com>, "Alberto Pacheco" <alberto@computer.org>
Cc: <www-style@w3.org>

Interesting indeed. c(50%,red) is like calling a constructor function
with parameters. This will make CSS somewhat functional (it's like
calling JavaScript functions) and may overlap with the long awaited
I thought we wanted CSS to become more OO like...
I would find inheritance more useful (as I've posted before):

/* lots of properties here */


Besides, style attributes are becoming extinct.



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Alberto Pacheco wrote:

Does CSS support the following class descriptors functionality?

1) Adding classes
    Let be
        .a { p1; }
        .b { p2; }
    How do I get ".c {.a + .b}"  or "<span class=a+b>"
    Where class c combines a & b classes properties, ie equivalent to
".c { p1; p2; }"

Just write <span class="a b">.

 2) Parametrized classes
    How do I get something like:
        .c(X,Y) { width:X; color:Y; }
    To be refered in HTML later as:
        <span class="c(50%,red)">
    Where class c becomes equivalent to ".c { width:50%; color:red;)"

I know it sounds crazy.. 

Oh ! That one is interesting and not so crazy. We already have
pseudo-classes accepting parameters, so why not classes (theoretical
question only)...
Unfortunately it's not only on the CSS side and would imply a
modification of the class attribute's model.
Anyway, I think it deserves to be added to the CSS Suggestions List, if
it is still active. Bert, what do you think ?


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