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Underline should skip character/part-of-character that is below the base line

From: Arthit Suriyawongkul <Arthit.Suriyawongkul@Sun.COM>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 18:09:19 +0700
Message-ID: <3D33FEDF.6020209@Sun.COM>
To: www-style <www-style@w3c.org>
CC: Rapeepong Prasertsittikul <rapeepong@yamada.japan.sun.com>, dbaron@fas.harvard.edu, ian@hixie.ch

Dear all style-list,

in Thai text, we need the underline to skip all Thai below-level 
characters and also below-level part & tail of Thai characters

Some Thai character will be unseen, if the underline strike over it.
(e.g. U+0E3A  Thai Character Phinthu)

Considering Latin text, like English,
this is a case of gjpqy and some other characters,
like c with lower hook (cedilla).

Currently, CSS style doesn't allow us to do so.
will w3c has any plan to add new attribute to underline
to allow web developers choose their prefer style for underline ?

possible options
1) not skip
2) skip only whitespace
3) skip only below-base-line part-of-character
4) skip whitespace and below-base-line part-of-character

the basic idea of this arises from



example of Latin characters that has some part below the base line:
   U+0067  g
   U+006A  j
   U+0070  p
   U+0071  q
   U+0079  y
   U+00C7  Latin Capital Letter C with Cedilla
   U+00FD  Latin Small Letter Y with Acute
   U+00FE  Latin Small Letter Thorn
   U+0104  Latin Capital Letter A with Ogonek
   U+014B  Latin Small Letter Eng

list of below-level Thai character:
   U+0E38  Thai Character Sara U
   U+0E39  Thai Character Sara UU
   U+0E3A  Thai Character Phinthu

list of Thai character with "below-level part":
   U+0E0D  Thai Character Yo Ying
   U+0E10  Thai Character Tho Than

list of Thai character with "below-level tail":
   U+0E0E  Thai Character Do Chada
   U+0E0F  Thai Character To Patak
   U+0E24  Thai Character Ru
   U+0E26  Thai Character Lu
   U+0E45  Thai Character Lakkhangyao
   U+0E46  Thai Character Maiyamok


Thai character has 4 levels of displaying.
from highest to lowest level:
  above (same level as accent mark of western)
  base  (same level as general western character)

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