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Re: RFC: ability to assign images to corners

From: Stuart Ballard <sballard@NetReach.Net>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:44:31 -0500
Message-ID: <3C75400F.1126C94C@netreach.com>
To: www-style@w3.org
Bert Bos wrote:
> The CSS WG also likes it and in fact decided a few months back to try
> to write a draft[1] about it. However, from *liking* it to actually
> coming up with a consistent and implementable specification is quite a
> long way. Corner pieces are relatively OK, but the edges may contain a
> fractional number of tiles, what do you do then? Scale the tile? Scale
> the element's content? Crop the tile? All of those? And how do you
> keep the CSS rules simple to write? There are already quite a number
> of border properties, we'd like to avoid that we get two dozen more...

border-image-width: (<number> | <percentage> | auto){1,2}
border-image-height: (<number> | <percentage> | auto){1,2}

Width applies to top and bottom (separately if two numbers are
specified). Height applies to left and right. The border thickness can
be obtained from other means (ie, the image for the top border is always
scaled to the height of the thickness of the border). The "repeat"
property is always implied to be in the direction that the border goes
in. (TBD: should it be possible to specify "position" on the image?)

border-corner-image: (none | <url>){1,4}

The size of the image would be determined unambiguously by the thickness
of the two intersecting borders at that point, so the size doesn't have
to be specified. If one image is specified, it applies at all four
corners; otherwise the four images go clockwise from the top-left. If no
corner-image is specified, the borders of the two intersecting corners
should be used, separated by a diagonal line:

Top border     /|
--------------+ |
              | | <-- side border
              | |

All that's left is the question of how to actually specify the image for
each side. The only reason that's complicated is that there are already
so many overlapping border-* properties that are shorthands for each
other. Presumably if anybody actually understands the rationale for all
those properties, it should be relatively easy to see where an image url
could be fitted into them. It should be possible to specify "auto" for
the border thickness: the thickness should then be determined by the
intrinsic size of the border image on that side.

How's that for a concrete proposal? It doesn't cover absolutely
everything (for example, it's not possible to specify an image that
should be tiled uniformly over the whole border area) but it might be a
good starting point?


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