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mail clients - again :-) [ Re: I won't check what it has!!!]

From: Vadim Plessky <lucy-ples@mtu-net.ru>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 19:26:27 +0000
To: "Jelks Cabaniss" <jelks@jelks.nu>, <www-style@w3.org>
Message-ID: <auto-000019740082@umail.ru>
On Wednesday 30 January 2002 00:48, Jelks Cabaniss wrote:
|   Vix wrote:
|   > Yet, if you are using OUTLOOK or OUTLOOK EXPRESS, I recommend
|   > that you scan it now because OUTLOOK attempts to download the
|   > attachment as soon as the e-mail is opened!!!
|   Best go once a week or so to the Windows Update site and download any
|   and all "Critical Updates".  This fixes Win-related security problems in
|   Outlook, IIS, etc..  I know of many users -- many of whom should know
|   better -- who have never patched their version of Windows by going to
|   Windows Update.  Tell your friends and family -- if they use MS Windows
|   -- to frequent Windows Update!

well, I started to work this year in a company where they have only Windows.
It's incredible mix of different Windows'es - Win98, Win ME, NT server 4.0, 
Workstation 2000.
Ironically, NT Server 4.0 was installed on desktop, and I got that desktop as 
a temporary computer. Ang guess what? It was completely unpatched.
And ServicePack6 was .. 34MB in size. Ok, I downloaded and installe dit.
Than I got notebook with Win98, and Windows Update suggested 11MB of 
immediate "security updates". Plus I downloaded IE6 and installed it as well.
And guess what? It doesn't help. Windows was still hanging, at unpredictable 
In addition, I tried pair of alternative (to MS Outlook) mail clients (The 
Bat! and Eudora), and was not satisfied at all.
So, I finally gave up on my attempt to get Windows working, and installed 
Linux (as dual-boot). All problems were solved :-))
And, I already got couple of 2MB .exe "attachements", and was feeling myself 
very protected. There is no reason to block .exe attachements if you run 
Linux. You can either delete such messages or save attachements on disk, for 
further expection (in my case, both mails were safe)
|   Note: Outlook 2002 blocks ALL access to executables, scripts, PIFs, etc.
|   If someone sends an EXE, you can't get at it in OL2K even if you want.
|   They would have to send it ZIPped up in order for you to have access to
|   it.
|   /Jelks


Vadim Plessky
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