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"CSS2.1" (More inconsistencies with ICB)

From: by way of Bert Bos <dhtmlkitchen@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 10:23:09 +0100
To: www-style@w3.org
Message-Id: <200212301023.09158.dhtmlkitchen@yahoo.com>

I am not an employee of a W3C member company.

The system of devising standards by the w3c is much less than ideal. It
is not working well at all. I will point out the many problems in my
upcoming article (time willing). I have several points of flaw in your
documents which serve as evidence for premises to my argument that the
W3C is dysfunctional.

Here's just another tidbit that intends to differentiate between ICB
and the viewport:

section 9.1.1

When the viewport is smaller than the document's initial containing
block, the user agent should offer a scrolling mechanism.

That one is for free. I would like to continue to offer such free
information, however, I do not benefit finincially from doing so, and
this leads to another premise of my argument: The W3C attempts to defy
the laws of natural economics. The result is, not surprisingly,
unsuccesful. The dysfunctional state persists like a cancer; a

Fixing these tech docs is a short term solution that is, in the long
run, ineffective at best; counterproductive at worst.

I can help the w3c, but I will not do so for free. I must be paid for
my services.

Garrett Smith
 Java | Servlet | JSP | JDBC | DHTML Consulting
 Boston, MA

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