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Re: comments on WD-css3-box-20010726

From: Bert Bos <bert@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 20:37:55 +0200
Message-ID: <15283.29187.653932.959315@lanalana.inria.fr>
To: www-style@w3.org
Bjoern Hoehrmann writes:
> * Bert Bos wrote:

> >Maybe, but I think not. "New" may also mean a new top-level window,
> >like some implementations do for the "target" attribute in old HTML.
> >'Pop-up' is specifically a temporary window, such as a dialog box.
> Links point at resources and those resources are commonly documents. I
> don't think a dialog box is a proper place to render some document. I
> don't know what is specific for a "temporary" window, I consider all
> windows as beeing temporary. You don't want to implement a mechanism in
> CSS, that creates browser windows without menus, buttons, address bar,
> status bar, etc.pp. (i.e. what some people currently call "pop-up"), do
> you?

Eh yes, that's exactly what I want. I want the ability to create a
"pop-up" when the document to be displayed is small. I might use that,
for example, for the copyright message or the explanation of a
difficult word. But I want to do that without the need for scripting
(just 'link-behavior: pop-up', it doesn't get much shorter). And I
want it in a manner that the user can allow/disallow at will in the
user style sheet, so that the pop-up only happens when the user
activates the link (not when the page loads), and so that there is
only one pop-up at a time.

About 'confirm' vs 'download':

> The question "what to do with the content" isn't answered; the other
> values for this property clearly define "what to do with the content",
> so the "confirm" behaivour is somewhat misplaced. After activating
> 'yes', my Adobe SVG Viewer would render the SVG file as a new document.

'Confirm' is really only an abbreviation that allows document B in the
following triple of documents to be omitted:

Doc A:  ... <a style="link-behavior: pop-up" href="B">the list (15MB)</a>...

Doc B:  <title>Confirm</title>
        <p>This may take several minutes. Continue?
        <p><a href="C">Yes</a> <a href="A">No</a>

because it is shorter to write this:

Doc A:  .. <a title="This may take several minutes. Continue?"
        style="link-behavior: confirm" href="C">the list (15MB)</a>...

Doc C:  ...<15MB of data>...

> If your intention was the "download" behaivour, call it "download" with
> my proposed definition :-)

Download may be useful, too, but it is different from 'confirm'. I'll
make a note of it, and we'll see what happens in the next draft...

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