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Relation between HTML and CSS in CSS3?

From: Tapio Markula <tapio1@gamma.nic.fi>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 03:49:21 -0500 (EST)
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I have examined forms and I have certain matters different opinion. See


CSS3 offers two formulas to calculate the width property. This cause also
one problem
with the relation to the width attribute.

How CSS3-supporting browsers should behave in the following situation?

<table width="100" style="box-sizing:content-box" border=10">

1) Because CSS doesn't define the width value, the formula of the
width-attribute is followed and the content width is 100-(2x10)= 80 pixel.
2) CSS should alter the calculation formula of the width-attribute, when
the content width is 100 pixel?

Should the CSS3 specification define this relation?
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I have made something also with XML and XSL:

http://www.nic.fi/~tapio1/Opetus/XSL-new.php3 (XML)
http://www.nic.fi/~tapio1/Teahing/XSL-new.php3 (XML)
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