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RE: CSS in XML Documents

From: <JeanMichel.Leclercq@electrabel.com>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 16:50:31 +0200
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>From: Wes Morgan [mailto:wmorga13@calvin.edu]
>Sent: mardi, 31. juillet 2001 15:02
>To: JeanMichel.Leclercq@electrabel.com
>Subject: Re: CSS in XML Documents
>This was part of my original question to the list. I didn't want to 
>duplicate (poorly) any official efforts to provide an XML syntax for 

I don't want too.

> What little feedback I got seemed to indicate that anyone who had 
>needed this had just rolled their own. I'm not sure what it 
>takes to get 
>the W3C's ball rolling on a new standard (and this one, at least my 
>version of it, is incredibly simple), but I really think others could 
>benefit from this and that we need to standardize the syntax ASAP. 
>Perhaps you could offer me some advice in this area.
>Wes Morgan

I don't know how to launch a new working group. I should add that this is
even not my intention to include myself in a WG ! Developping a new XML
standard like XCSS is time-consuming and requires an experience I don't

Also, consider that standardizing the syntax can only be done if a WG is
started. Otherwise, it will be unsupported, and thus unuseful.

Finally, I will learn more on XSL Formatting Objects to see if what XCSS
could do is not already done by XSL FO. We must not confuse XSLT and XSL FO.
XSLT is the transformation part of XSL, while XSL FO do something other
(currently, I don't know what and how). We should take a look at this part
of XSL.

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