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RE: windowed elements and z-index

From: Manos M. Batsis <manosb@profile.gr>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 08:29:16 +0200
To: <www-style@w3.org>
You can prevent your page from being displayed elsewhere with some scripting. Um... your
page will have to belong in a frameset though. Borders and text seem to override z-index
values in IE. I think I'll start playing with N6 (I was very happy to see my pages
rendering just great in a Netscape browser). The problem is I'm making apps and DHTML GUIs
mostly targeted in IE environment (banks etc). Yeah that "a _better_ experience" thing is
becoming a pain and a big time consumer every time (and it's supposed to be the fun part of
the job, go figure)


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> Is there anything to prevent a hostile page[1] from displaying
> an apparently authentic target site[2] in an <iframe> with overlaid
> content belonging to the hostile site?

  Well if you attempt to use CSS positioning, keeping your sanity would work
it seems.  Of course there's nothing stopping people from doing this now,
just use HTML inside an OBJECT tag. Or layer another IFRAME on top of the
first, and turn off all the borders and such.

  There's no way to prevent this as-is, and thus I'd like to see it all
removed. I lost an entire week of work to this once, and I was trying to
provide the user with a _better_ experience.

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