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From: <Svgdeveloper@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 11:08:12 EDT
Message-ID: <11f.2c8e7a7.28a00cdc@aol.com>
To: GYoung@gls.gsi.gov.uk, www-style@w3.org
In a message dated 06/08/01 13:48:05 GMT Daylight Time, GYoung@gls.gsi.gov.uk 

> Sorry to bother you all, but do any of you know of a "beginners" CSS 
> discussion-group that I could subscribe to?  I have read the last 2 weeks 
> postings in this room and do not feel that I could constructively 
> contribute to your cause, and i'm sure you do not need me asking you 
> questions such as
> "How do you bold and italic a word mid sentance without throwing it onto a 
> seperate line by closing with the 
> tag?  And should this still be done in HTML anyway?"
> Any direction on a discussion-group would be greatly appreciated.
> Regards
> Gareth Young


I don't know of an ongoing one. I have just set one up on Yahoogroups.com.

for further information.

Or simply email to
to join the group.

Since the group is all of 10 minutes old there aren't too many members yet. :)

It will be interesting to see how much interest there is in such a group.


Andrew Watt
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