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comments on WD-css3-fonts-20010731

From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi@gmx.net>
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 19:59:56 +0200
To: www-style@w3.org
Cc: michelsu@microsoft.com, chris@w3.org
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   some comments on CSS3 module: 'Fonts' as of version


  * the dashes between the date values at the top of the page should be
    removed, i.e. 'W3C Working Draft 31 July 2001'

  * The CSS Level 2 Errata isn't incorporated into the draft


  The font specification is identical to the similar section in CSS 2

  Not a good wording since the relevant section in CSS 2 had errors.
  Let's see if they are still in there :)


  * there should be a link to www-style@w3.org archives

1 Dependencies on other modules:

  * there is a missing full stop after the '1'

  It has non-normative (informative) references to the following other
  CSS3 modules:

  Either it's clear, what non-normative means or it should be just
  "informative", explaining one of those isn't necessary but confusing.

2. Introduction:

  language adn by context

  typo, should be "and"

  is usually zero. And the descenders on lower case roman letters have
  negative coordinate values.

  The last sentence shouldn't start with a conjunction, no sentence

3.1 Font face selection: font properties:

  1. At each element, the UA assembles the font properties applicable to
     that element.

  W3C Selectors allow to select portions of some element content, e.g.
  the ::first-line or ::first-letter so the definition should be
  extended to consider this fact.

3.2 Font family: the 'font-family' property:

  BODY { font-family: Baskerville, "Heisi Mincho W3", Symbol, serif }

  The Symbol font used here is a very bad example; all versions of this
  font I'm aware of don't specify characters outside the Latin-1 plane,
  so there are no mathematical glyphs defined the user agent may use;
  even worse, the Symbol font defines glyphs for those latin characters
  that aren't appropriate, e.g. at U+0079 (LATIN SMALL LETTER W) you
  will find U+03C8. The Symbol font is considered harmful and shouldn't
  appear in W3C recommendation as example of anything else than bad
  practise. 'Lucida Sans Unicode' and 'Arial Unicode MS' have almost all
  glyphs in the U+2200-22FF range defined, one of these could be used

  Although many fonts provide the "missing character" glyph, typically
  an open box, as its name implies this should not be considered a match
  except for the last font in a font set. 

This should read 'Although many fonts provide the "missing character"
glyph, typically an open box, as its name implies this should not be
considered a match'.

3.4 Font size: the 'font-size' and 'font-size-adjust' properties:

  In bicameral scripts, the subjective apparent size and legibility of a
  font are less dependent on their 'font-size' value than on the value
  of their 'x-height', or, more usefully, on the ratio of these two
  values, called the aspect value (font size divided by x-height).

This is wrong, it should read 'x-height divided by font size'.

The sentence 'The font size corresponds to the em square, a concept used
in typography. Note that certain glyphs may bleed outside their em
squares' should be added for clarification.

  a  = font-size-adjust property value

This was

  a = aspect value of first-choice font

in CSS Level 2, why was this changed? If it should read as in this
module, the CSS2 Errata should be updated to say the same.

3.6 Generic font families:

  * Totum is sans-serif, not serif
  * Pathang is serif

5 Properties index:

  * a full stop should follow the '5'
  * a column what property was introduced
    in what CSS Level should be added

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