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Re: Selectors

From: Matthew Brealey <webmaster@richinstyle.com>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 14:10:06 -0700
Message-ID: <39230AAE.37DB@richinstyle.com>
To: www-style@w3.org
I wrote:
> Firstly, :contains is not a pseudo-class. 

This is me getting rather confused. I initially thought :contains() was
a straight name change from "", which I was under the impression was a
pseudo-element where P"hello" made the text "hello" in a P element red
(because the text was under the pseudo-elements, although from the
contents section I see that it was not part of that section).

The description has not changed substantially - and if one is not clear
about the distinction between a pseudo-class and pseudo-element, the
text is ambiguous: 'The :contains("foo") [the word 'pseudo-class' is
inadverdently omitted] represents a substring of the textual contents of
an element. The argument of this pseudo-class can be a string
(surrounded by double quotes) or a keyword.'

It says what it represents but not what it selects. It also doesn't
explain what 'a keyword' is.

It would still be nice to have that text selection feature (there is no
obligation to support these things).


(:"" to select text, plus :chars () (see

> Regarding :target, I would like to see :local, matching a specifically
> local link (i.e., href="#any" instead of href="any.html#any"); I know
> this is something I often would like to select.

And this was me not reading what was written; I thought it was selecting
an element that has a target element, whereas it actually selects an
element that was the target of a link. So clarification is in order.
:local matches the referrer; i.e., A:local matches <A

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